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Employment Division Work Permit Unit (under the aegis of Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training)
Employment Division Work Permit Unit>Application for Recruitment Licence

Application for Recruitment Licence

The recruitment of workers is governed by the Recruitment of Workers Act 1993 and regulations made thereunder.
An application for a Recruitment Licence should be made on the prescribed form which is available at the Employment Division.
The Recruitment Licence authorises a company/individual to recruit the following categories of workers:

(i) Citizens of Mauritius for employment in Mauritius; and/or

(ii) Citizens of Mauritius for employment abroad; and/or

(iii) Non-Citizens for employment in Mauritius.


Documents to be submitted:

When applying for a Recruitment Licence, the following documents have to be submitted with the application form:

Particulars of Staff to be employed by the agency;

Copy of Certificate of Incorporation if application is being made by a company; and

Evidence of contract with employers, if any.


Security Deposit/Licence
Once an application for a recruitment licence has been approved,the company/individual is called upon to pay a fee of Rs12,000.  A Recruitment Licence, is valid for a period of two years. Furthermore, a security deposit for the sum of Rs 500,000 has to be furnished to the Accountant-General by the applicant in the event that he proposes to recruit citizens of Mauritius for employment abroad and Non-Citizens for employment in Mauritius.
Renewal of Recruitment Licence
Applications for renewal of Recruitment Licence should be submitted 6 months prior to expiry of current Licence.